I'm a passionate Software Engineer from Kozhikode, Kerala now living in London, UK. I like to take an idea, conceptualize it and make it a reality with focus on simplicity.

Currently, I work as a Principal Engineer at Funding Circle UK. I take care of Data Reliability Engineering, orchestration, tooling around democratising data platform for wider use and adoption in the company. Previously, I've worked with Valtech, Expedia, Kainos, Collective, and JMR Infotech.

Clojure(Script), Rust and Typescript are my top three programming languages and I prefer functional programming to other programming paradigms. However, I also work with Javascript, Python, Go, Java, Scala, Terraform, Cloud Formation and other technologies whichever fits the problem domain. I have been using Dvorak keyboard layout and emacs (Spacemacs) since 2013. I have an M.Sc in E-Business & Information Systems from University of Newcastle upon Tyne in year 2011-2012.


Software Engineering, Data Platform Engineering, Frontend Engineering, Backend Engineering, DevOps, System Design, AWS, Serverless application design, API Design and Development.


AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate