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AWS SNS error - Invalid parameter

development aws sns

So I was playing with AWS Lambdas, and wanted to setup SNS notification for that.

aws sns publish --topic-arn arn:aws:sns:eu-west-1:22834709971:my-awesome-sns-topic --subject 'Subject' --message 'Hello, hello!'

However got stuck on the following error - it just says Invalid Parameter

An error occurred (InvalidParameter) when calling the Publish operation: Invalid parameter: TopicArn

Turns out this has to do with my region settings.

I’d created SNS in eu-west-1 region (Ireland). But default region on my account was us-west-1 So, clearly that is a conflict.

Solution is easy, I just had to set region in ~/.aws/config

output = text
region = eu-west-1

That’s it!