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  1. Python stdin stderr logging


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  2. Querying AWS Athena with Clojure using HugSQL


  1. List Destructuring


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  4. SSH config tips
  5. Setting up Hortonworks Sandbox on Mac using Docker
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  7. Setting up Apache Airflow on AWS EC2 instance


  1. AWS SNS error - Invalid parameter


  1. Game Of Life (in Scala)


  1. A pattern to use RequireJS config in a separate file
  2. SOLID design principle
  3. Closures
  4. Sample app for Play! 2.2, Spring-data-jpa and Backbonejs
  5. Backbonejs in jsFiddle.net
  6. Populate Select box dynamically (plugin version)
  7. Use Requirejs to load scripts from cdn server like cdnjs
  8. Populate Select box options dynamically


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  17. Spring Roo :: Adjusting Textarea rows and cols (width and height)
  18. How is hash map implemented?
  19. Port is in use but pid not visible
  20. When to use Interfaces in your application?


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  7. How to root your Samsung Galaxy Ace
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  19. git :: how to undo changes to a single file
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  21. Targeted ads and privacy in the cloud


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  2. Oracle SQL to calculate value based on previous row value
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  5. Windows batch script to create directory name DDMMYYYY
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  1. How to set up reminder for Subject line in Microsoft Outlook
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  4. Goo.gl - Google's URL Shortner


  1. Webservices using JDeveloper
  2. Google Health