Hortonworks provides an official Data Platform Sandbox docker image that can help you learn the Hortonworks stack. I recently setup a Hortonworks Sandbox on my macOS.

Increase Docker memory for macOS

Hortonworks Sandbox is a heavy container, with lots of components running on it. They recommend at least 8GB of RAM.

Open Docker preferences and select the Advanced tab. Increase the dedicated memory to at least 8GB of RAM or more.

Download the Hortonworks Sandbox Docker image

Download the docker image. It’s a huge one 12GB, use high bandwidth network :)

wget https://downloads-hortonworks.akamaized.net/sandbox-hdp-2.6.1/HDP_2_6_1_docker_image_28_07_2017_14_42_40.tar

Download the Hortonworks Script

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hortonworks/data-tutorials/master/tutorials/hdp/sandbox-port-forwarding-guide/assets/start-sandbox-hdp.sh

Load the sandbox image

docker load -i HDP_2_6_1_docker_image_28_07_2017_14_42_40.tar

Docker load Hortonworks Sandbox image

This is a heavy task. Go get your coffee now because it will take some time to load the docker image.

After it is loaded you should see sandbox-hdp in your docker images list.

Update /etc/hosts file

Add the following to /etc/hosts

1 localhost sandbox.hortonworks.com

Run the Hortonworks Sandbox startup script

chmod +x ./start-sandbox-hdp.sh

Again this will take some time

Access Hortonworks Sandbox

Go to http://sandbox.hortonworks.com:8888/

This Sandbox comes with a lot of components like Ambari, Ranger, Hive, Spark etc. installed and configured.